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1. Rack units

We can supply a single RU, up to entire cabinets. Feel free to contact us for custom quotes!

Units Monthly cost
Mini PC (Intel Nuc/RPi) € 10.00
1 Unit  € 12.50
2 Units € 25.00
4 Units € 50.00
10 Units (Quarter Rack) € 100.00
22 Units (Half Rack) € 210.00
46 Units (Full Rack) € 420.00
Custom solutions Contact us

2. Power options

You can utilize per KWh, per Watt or per Amp. We supply A+B feeds and sockets by default.

Power calculation Cost per unit monthly
Per KWh € 0.34
Per Watt € 0.25
Per 0.5A € 28.50
Custom solutions Contact us

3. Additional Services

Select the amount of bandwidth you wish to receive, and any other additional services

Item Cost or link
Bandwidth See internet access 
IP Ranges See internet access 
DDoS Protection See internet access 
Cross-Connects 1x € 50.00, € 10.00 monthly
Uplink port 1/10G Included for free
Out of band network Included for free
Rental of equipment Contact us
Free BGP & DDoS mitigation 
Ship & let us rack for free
Qupra DC, Amsterdam, NL
24x7 Security system
Redundant network infrastructure
Best-effort remote hands free

Our Datacenter

We meticulously select facilities for hosting our and our
customers' equipment, primarily at the Qupra Datacenter
in Amsterdam. ensures the highest standards,
maximum uptime, and competitive no-nonsense pricing.
Experience the noticeable difference with us.
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