Internet Access

Get (high available) internet connectivity in your datacenter POP at
rock-bottom prices. If you're looking for BGP sessions, please see our IP Transit plans.

1. Choose the port & size

Choose the port type and size you wish to connect with us.

Port Setup fees
1G RJ45 € 0.00
1G SFP € 0.00
10G RJ45 € 0.00
10G SFP+ € 0.00
25G SFP28 € 250.00
40G QSFP+ € 250.00
100G QSFP28 € 500.00

2. Bandwidth amount

Choose the amount of bandwidth you'll be utilizing. Per request, we can offer 95th% plans.

Bandwidth amount Monthly Cost
10TB € 15.00
25TB € 30.00
100TB € 75.00
300TB  € 200.00
600TB € 400.00
2.5PB € 700.00
>2.5PB Contact us

3. Additional Services

Always-on DDoS mitigation or affordable additional IPs can be provided at any time.

IPv4 Ranges Cost
/31 IPv4 Included
Per additional IPv4 € 0.80/month
IPv6 Ranges Cost
/64 IPv6 Included
Per additional /64 € 0.000763   
DDoS Mitigation Cost
Attacks <20Gbit/s Included
Attacks >20Gbit/s Contact us
Free BGP & DDoS mitigation 
Scale commit up and down easily
24x7 Monitoring for uptime
Tailored to your needs
Redundant network infrastructure
Most affordable around


We can initiate deployment in the data centers listed below. If you require connectivity in any data center not mentioned here, please reach out to us!

 = Core DC  = Edge DC

On-net locations
 NIKHEF, Amsterdam  QUPRA DC1, Amsterdam
 QUPRA DC2, Amsterdam (soon)  Digital Realty Tower (Interxion AMS17)
 Interxion AMS9 (SARA)  Equinix AM1-11,
 EuNetworks Amsterdam  Iron Mountain AMS01
 Many other DCs in NL, contact us!

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