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Looking for reliable and affordable connectivity in the NIKHEF facilities in Amsterdam?
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Nikhef plays a significant role in Europe's internet ecosystem, serving as a connectivity hub for over 350 interconnected entities. These entities include internet exchanges, Tier-1 and Tier-2 ISPs, and various (content) service providers.

Since cross connects can be layed by customers of the facilities themselves it offers exceptional opportunities for direct connections and growing networks, which in turn improves network performance and reliability for all involved parties.

What distinguishes Nikhef is not only its vital position in digital communications but also its strong commitment to environmental sustainability. By utilizing 100% green electricity and implementing innovative methods to utilize waste heat, Nikhef sets an example of being a leader in eco-friendly data center operations.

Why choose us?

Selecting our connectivity offerings at Nikhef (starting at already € 9.99 per month or € 0.02 per mbit) connects you to a network enriched by over 600 direct peers and Tier-1 networks, directly improving your network's quality and reliability.

We do provide customized managed solutions as well. For example, unique to Nikhef, the option for free cross-connects stands out, presenting a financially savvy method to bolster your network infrastructure. However, navigating this can be intricate and potentially costly, as it shifts the responsibility of deploying cross-connects onto the customers.

Here's where we can step in—our managed network services simplify this process. We can not only manage cross-connects on your behalf but also ensure their performance based on SLAs, promising swift resolutions when and if needed.

Combining connectivity and infrastructure/remote hands services from backbone.direct, we can offer you a one-stop shop solution that is not only cost effective, but also reliable and time saving.

DDoS protection

We include DDoS protection up to 20Gbit/s by default and this is easily upgradable up to terabits of mitigation capacity. Also, BGP Flowspec can be enabled.

1 Port, many services

One port connects you to our IP Transit, IX access, L2 transport, and DDoS protection services. Simplify and secure your network with our one-stop shop solution.

Well interconnected

Boasting over 600 direct peers, including Tier-1 networks and leading content creators, plus an optimal upstream mix, we ensure your IP space is accessible fast.

Our connectivity

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