IP Transit

Announce your network via AS50917 to the world at amazing rates.
Running your own network has never been easier and more affordable.

Commit Port size Fees
50Mbit 95% 1G, 10G € 10 per month
100Mbit 95% 1G, 10G € 20 per month
250Mbit 95% 1G, 10G € 35 per month
500Mbit 95% 1G, 10G € 60 per month
1Gbit Dedicated 1G € 90 per month
1Gbit 95% 10G € 109 per month
2Gbit 95% 10G € 200 per month
3Gbit 95% 10G € 300 per month
10Gbit Dedicated 10G € 600 per month
>10G commit 10G, 40G, 100G, 400G Contact us


Combine your IP transit with one of the services below
and save on your monthly infrastructure spend.

DDoS Filtering

20Gbit/s of mitigation is included for free. This can be expanded to multi-terabits mitigation against an additional fee.

1 Port, many services

Use your one uplink port with us and combine it with IP Transit, IX access, L2 access to your infra and DDoS mitigation!


Our backbone is fully redundant, we can however also get you connected fully redundantly in any of our pops.


We can initiate deployment in the data centers listed below. If you require connectivity in any data center not mentioned here, please reach out to us!

 = Core DC  = Edge DC

On-net locations
 NIKHEF, Amsterdam  QUPRA DC1, Amsterdam
 QUPRA DC2, Amsterdam (soon)  Digital Realty Tower (Interxion AMS17)
 Interxion AMS9 (SARA)  Equinix AM1-11,
 EuNetworks Amsterdam  Iron Mountain AMS01
 Many other DCs in NL, contact us!

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